Your Faith Journey

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the lord. This will be a assign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. –Luke 2:11-12

As we approach the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, it is a good time to think about where we are in our faith journey. Such as, when I was very young and learned about the birth of Christ, I was amazed at the stories, the music, the pictures that surrounded me, showing me how God’s love was so pure and abundant that He sent a baby to be our Savior; A baby to show us the way to our own salvation. God sent a child, not an Angel or a prophet. He sent a child! This story of Christmas was the first example of how my faith developed. As a child, I did not doubt that it was possible for God to use a baby to show His love.  I did not hesitate to believe that this baby was the precious son of God. My faith was strong because those who told me the stories were people who I knew loved me.  I had no concern that these people would not be telling me the truth.  I was absolutely SURE that baby Jesus was a King and that He would always be my Savior.

As I have grown into adulthood, I have found that it is easy to have faith in those things of which we see and touch every day. Such as, I know the sun will warm the Earth each day of my life. I know the feel of my husband’s arms around me in a big bear hug will give me peace and I know that my Bible will always speak the words of hope to my heart. It is much more difficult to have faith in a promise or faith in something we cannot see or touch. How then do we know that our Heavenly Father is watching over us? How do we feel His presence if we cannot touch Him?

Faith is a journey, a process, a growth in experiencing Jesus through His work, His people, and His promises. Having faith in the Father who gave us His son as a Savior is an honor and privilege given to anyone who claims His Word. Belief in what the Bible tells us will allow us to feel His presence through the Words of our Creator. Sharing life with those who also believe in Christ will strengthen our ability to understand how God works. Drawing upon the wisdom of Christ-followers provides a catalyst of realization that God is present in each moment of the life we experience. Nevertheless, perhaps the easiest method of all is to have the faith of a child and to have no hesitation that Christ was born to be our Savior.

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